[“excerpt” (On May 14, 2003, I contacted counselor Dr. Brady to advise him that he may resume the counseling with me and my daughter. Several days later Dr. Brady returned the call and advised me that he no longer desired to attempt the counseling with me or my daughter.]

Because Judge Henry made a ruling that was incongruitous with the facts of the July 29, 2002, custody modification hearing I tested his underhanded motives and filed a petition to Inspect the Record of the proceedings and to acquire a copy of the audio tapes that would better facilitate the counseling that he ordered. When the curtain was pulled back Judge. Henry wasn’t at all concerned about the counseling or reunifying me and my daughter. As I always suspected from the day he was appointed to my case, Judge Henry was exposed for being another player in Judge Hiram Carpenter’s crime spree. Judge Henry issued an order dated July 25, 2003, denying my petition to inspect the record, or acquire a copy of the tape.

To cut to the chase I had a contempt hearing on May 14, 2003, and for the second time my ex wife was ordered for to make my daughter available for counseling with James Brady or any counselor of my choice. However, by order of July 14, 2003, Judge John Reilly played footsie with my ex wife and refused to hold her in contempt of a court order.

On or about October 24, 2002, it was Ms. Aigner’s turn to tag team me. Doing her part to add more confusion, costs, and deliberate delays , Paula Aigner sent Attorney Zanoni a letter dated October 24, 2002, which flat out rejected his letter as being factually inaccurate. In other words Judge Henry’s order didn’t mean what it meant. Result more money spent and precious time wasted as Ms. Aigner’s defiant position required a costly and time consuming Special Relief Petition to be filed on November 13, 2002, whereby requesting that the court direct my ex wife to make my daughter available for counseling. On November 18, 2002, I attended the hearing to redefine Judge Henry’s, August 19, 2002, custody order. Again my ex wife and her attorney were given a November 13, 2002, order that they were to make my daughter available for counseling with James Brady or any other counselor I should hire.

For nearly five weeks after the hearing my attempts to reschedule the counseling sessions resulted in nothing but excuses, delays and run around by all involved. Eventually James Brady scheduled my daughter for counseling on December 16, 2002. Maintaining her consistency for contemptuous behavior my ex wife refused to make my daughter available for the appointment which resulted in a Contempt Petition being filed on February 19, 2003. Accordingly another hearing was scheduled for May 14, 2003.

To finish my story, on May 20, 2003, I hired the counseling services of Robert Lynch. During my first consultation with Mr. Lynch he gave a summary of his credentials and a quick overview on how he intended to proceed with the counseling. Mr. Lynch proposed that he should really like to counsel with all my family members. Of course this was financially impractical for me since he expected a fee of $60.00 an hour per person. Next he said he would need a counseling session with my ex wife to get acquainted. Then he said he would counsel with my daughter separately and finally he would bring me and my daughter together for counseling. This session ended with me paying Mr. Lynch $60.00, plus an additional $60.00 for the counseling session with my daughter scheduled for May 28th, or 29th.

On May 29th, Mr. Lynch did see my daughter with her mother sitting in attendance.

On June 3rd, I again attended a counseling session with Mr. Lynch and we basically went over the same things that we had talked about on May 20th. This time Mr. Lynch suggested that he wasn’t ready to bring my daughter and me together and asked permission to contact Attorney Zanoni to see what Judge Henry expected from the counseling. This session ended with me paying Mr. Lynch $60.00 for the hour and an additional $60.00 for counseling with my ex wife on the May 30th.

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On October 1, 2002, I met with Mr. Brady for initial consultation. Once I gave him the lay of the land he decided to pursue the counseling and set up an appointment for me and my daughter to counsel together on October 15, 2002. Being excited that I would get to see my daughter after such a long time I immediately returned home and notified Attorney Zanoni’s office that he should notify my ex wife of the appointment.

On October 15, 2002, I kept the appointment with Mr. Brady with great anticipation that I would get to see my daughter for the first time since November 2001. To my dismay and tearing another piece of my heart out, my daughter never came to the appointment. Again I went right home and left a telephone message with Attorney
Zanoni’s office that my daughter never came to the appointment. When Attorney Zanoni failed to respond to my message I sent a fax message to him on October 17, 2002, hoping to clarify that my ex wife never made my daughter available for counseling.

What began a litany of botches, impediments and delays to hinder or destroy the counseling was on October 18, 2002, Attorney Zanoni contacted me to explain that he did not understand the phone messages concerning the counseling appointments and misunderstood that he was to notify my ex wife of the appointment. Thinking I was getting back on track I told Attorney Zanoni that my daughter was scheduled to attend two counseling sessions on October 15th, and 22nd, 2002. However, because of the confusion Dr. Brady suggested that the October 22nd, appointment be canceled until the scheduling issues were resolved. Attorney Zanoni suggested that he would send an October 21, 2002, fax to my ex wife’s attorney immediately to advise that my daughter should be made available for any future counseling appointments.

Regardless of my efforts, my well researched and executed presentations at hearings, or how much money I spent, I couldn’t rescue her from the corrupt court.

After making several attempts to acquire the psychologist counselors of Attorney Zanoni’s choice I found myself settling for a licensed family counselor of my choice. I alluded to retaining an unbiased counselor with a strong sense of right and wrong and who would be detached from the tentacles of the Blair County Court system. My search eventually brought me to James Brady who just happened to be an ordained minister.

In my private criminal complaint, I finalized my adventure with the court with the excerpt below. In reality I had continued on for two more months with a new counselor by the name of Bob Lynch.