Trying to calm me down Mr. Lynch said he agreed with me that the court is corrupt. He said he was also aware of Dr. Nancy Bakerís reputation with the court. He said there was a time that he worked with Ms. Baker and she was a good child psychologist at one time, however he said something happend to Ms. Baker over the years. Mr. Lynch told me that Ms. Baker was allegedly molested as a young lady and she began to associate, project, and interject her personal situation onto every father going through the family court system. In Bakerís eyes all men were child molesters. (note: this was the baggage Attorney Speice was referring to in his letter to IIissa Zimmerman, Esq.) Capping that off Mr. Lynch told me that if I tell anyone about what he said that day he would deny it. Trying to bring me around full circle Mr. Lynch told me that my daughter didnít want to see me again. Again I fired back and told him what do you think she would say when her mother is sitting outside the door. What do you think her mother has been doing to her all these years.

I told Mr. Lynch that my daughter would see me in a second if she had some assurances that she wasnít going to be intimidated by her mother and maternal family when she returned home. Closing the counseling session I gave Mr. Lynch another $60.00 and he scheduled my ex wife to counsel the following week, and my next appointment was scheduled for July 15, 2003. On the way out the door I told Mr. Lynch if she doesnít keep her appointment this time I want to know about it and I am going to file a contempt petition against her and try to get her put in jail.

When I got home that day I was infuriated with Mr. Lynchís new attitude . On July 2, I telephoned his office and left a message on his answering machine that I want my daughter and I to be counseled together, and I would only spend another $360.00 for counseling. Because the counseling sessions were obviously being stretched out for ill-intentioned purposes I set a deadline and told him that I wanted to get back into court by August 2003. When Mr. Lynch didnít respond to my message I contacted him again on July 4, through his answering machine and told him to cancel the July 15th, appointment unless my daughter would be attending. Mr. Lynch never responded.

After Mr. Carpenterís custody order I had no contact with my daughter until November 30, 2004 . By a pleasant surprise my daughter telephoned me and asked that I meet with her someday. Although her voice sounded older than I had remembered, her other character traits seemed the same. We talked for a while about her dog that she hasnít seen since July 2000, and made some small talk about video tapes, etc. She told me that she was doing all right and wanted to meet with her aunt, and cousins in the Altoona library. I told my seventeen year old daughter that when she was ready to meet us, she should just call and I will meet her right away. When she was about to hang up she said I love you dad. It wasnít until December 8, 2004, that my daughter called again and wanted my brother and I to meet with her in the Altoona library. She asked us to bring along an old video tape that we used to watch together. When she hung up I immediately changed my cloths and headed straight for the library some five miles away.

As my brother and I approached the door to the public library my heart sank as I caught glimpse of my ex wife facing the library door and sitting at the table where my daughter was. Being caught I went in and walked over to my daughter where she sat there numb and trembling with fear. She wouldnít so much as turn around and look at us. Trying not to put her in a compromising situation all I could do was put my hand on her shoulder and gave her a pat. My brother handed her the video tape that she requested and her mother harshly demanded that she pack up her things, because they were leaving. I never saw or had any contact with my daughter after that day.

On June 24, 2003, I counseled with Mr. Lynch and we covered the same ground that we went over the previous weeks. Only this time I asked him when he was going to bring my daughter and I together for counseling. Evasively Mr. Lynch said he would prefer to bring my ex wife and I in together for counseling to try and build a mutual relationship where she would be willing to allow me some contact with my daughter. This session was closed with me paying Mr. Lynch $60.00, plus an additional $60.00 for his counseling my daughter on June 23, 2003.

On July 1, 2003, I attended what was to be my last counseling session with Mr. Lynch. This time the counseling took a different twist. Mr. Lynch concentrated his efforts on convincing me that in order to have a relationship with my daughter I would need to put my custody case behind me and forget about what the court did, even as abusive, unfair, and criminal as I think it is. He suggested that I would need to forget about it and focus on building a relationship with my daughter free from all this judicial clutter. He further suggested that I would need to work with my daughterís mother and agree with any decisions that she makes concerning my daughter. At that point I blew up and told Mr. Lynch that I will never forget what that court did to my daughter and me and I wonít sell her out. I told him about Dr. Bakerís biased counseling and how she was not allowed to do any more evaluations for the court. I told him Hiram Carpenter altered the hearing record of the entire proceedings and he needs to be put in jail for his criminal acts. I told him my issues with the court have nothing to do with my ability to interact with my daughter and they never were. My ambitions to destroy that corrupt court is like a second job to me and when I was with my daughter that was all put aside until after she was returned to her mother.

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On June 10th, I counseled with Mr. Lynch and we went over the same things as the week before. I started to develope an attitude that the redundancy was being used to drag out the counseling and avoid bringing my daughter and me in together. However, this time he expanded his discussions about things that I should have done better in the past or what I would need to do in the future when interacting with my daughter.

On June 17th, I counseled with Mr. Lynch and we discussed the same things as the previous sessions, except I started to make an issue of how this all came about. The corruption in the court, and how Judge Hiram Carpenter altered the court record that basically destroyed my daughter psychologically. Of course Mr. Lynch was sympathetic about the situation and vowed that we would work through all of this at a later time. Again we closed the session with me paying Mr. Lynch another $60.00 . By now I was convinced that Mr. Lynch was working with somebodyfrom the court to keep me away from daughter. It was obvious that after his recent talk with Attorney Zanoni the sessions were being steered away from me getting any contact with my daughter .