Carpenter. He is her boss. She said, she asked Judge Carpenter about disclosing the audio tapes and he told her that he has never heard of anything like that, it's never been done. Dad told me that Ms. Zeek was inquisitive of how I knew the transcripts contained errors when it was only a matter of minutes that I telephoned her after leaving the courthouse. Dad informed her, he knows what he is looking for. The alterations are mostly done on CYS's testimony and the doctors. She reassured dad if I would pencil mark the transcript errors, she would be glad to check them out herself with the tapes.

On January 9th, 2001, I was contacted by Judge Carpenter's office notifying me that the transcripts of the remaining hearings were completed. On January 11th, I acquired those transcripts and soon discovered that the transcribed testimony was sabotaged. Like their predecessors, the transcripts were about 65% accurate. Primarily the testimonies from Children and Youth Services, the psychiatrists', and the psychologists, who testified in my custody hearings, were heavily targeted for tampering.

On January 11th, my brother and I went to the Blair County Court's prothonotary's office to review my custody case file. After examining the mountain of documents we discovered two photographs that were entered into the record were missing. One depicted my step-daughter in a sexually oriented pose and the other depicting my step-daughter wielding a butcher knife in a threatening pose. Both photographs were damaging to my wife, CYS and the mental health care providers.

On January 11th, I filed a Petition with the Blair County Court requesting that the transcripts be corrected and the hearing audio tapes of the hearing be disclosed to accomplish this. On January 17th, Judge Carpenter denied the disclosure of the audio tapes and directed that the case record be immediately forwarded to Superior Court with no corrections to be made to the transcripts.

Living this nightmare, I often ask myself what the motive might be that would cause a Blair County Court judge to alter public records and fabricate and destroy evidence of a judicial proceeding at the expense of a child's life. Why would he overlook the violent kidnapping of a child, the ensuing criminal conspiracy, judicial misconduct, systematic child abuse, CYS falsifying investigations, medical fraud, and fraudulently incarcerating a child in mental institutions?

In answering my own question to a motive why a judge would commit a crime of this nature brings to mind that: He might be burning his bridges to cover up his own negligence in the handling of this custody case. He may owe favors to affluent people, such as doctors, lawyers, or another judge who had been involved with this case. Several large mental health care institutions may offer pecuniary gratitude for him looking the other way. He could have been threatened with professional suicide or physical harm if he doesn't fulfill the wishes of people in higher authority. He could be severely mentally ill and felt a need to retaliate against me for my persistence to change the custody system. He could be protecting Blair County from a potential lawsuit instigated by Children and Youth Services' failure to protect a child from an abusive mother and a sick psychologist (Dr. Baker). He may just be biased against men winning custody of their children..


Affiant-Robert G. Kearns, Jr.


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December, 2005, by Affiant ____________________________________.

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