Stephanie’s testimony as provided in the May 16, 2000, transcript may be inaccurate or incomplete for several reasons. First Judge Hiram Carpenter illegally conducted the interview of Stephanie in private chambers without the presence of plaitiff’s or defendant’s counsel. See Rule 1915.11. Appointment of Attorney for Child. Interrogation of Child. Attendance of Child at Hearing or Conference subsection (a) and (b). Since both parties were representing themselves pro se, the law requires that they be afforded the same rights as legal counsel to conduct direct and cross examination of minor children during an interview. Further Judge Hiram Carpenter had criminally altered or directed the alterations of every transcript that was produced in this case starting from February 1999 up until June 20, 2000. It would be unrealistic to believe that he left this particular transcript in tact since it was his biased objective to remove me from Stephanie’s life from the first hearing.