For all intents and purposes my custody case ended during a hearing on July 29,2002, with a specially presiding Judge William Henry from Jefferson County. Judge Henry ignored and eliminated the facts, the law, and the evidence presented during the hearing that not only supported granting me equal joint custody of my daughter, but overwhelmingly supported giving me primary physical custody of her. (see my testimony) Instead the special presiding judge supported Attorney Zanoniís scheme and threw me back into the clutches of the courthouse whores. By an August 19, 2002, order Judge Henry directed me to seek counseling for the purposes of reunification with my daughter. In essence, Judge Henryís new order left Judge Hiram Carpenterís old order that was sent from hell virtually unchanged.

For six weeks following Judge William Henryís order I made no effort to seek a counselor primarily because I knew that it was a waste of money and time. Further, it didnít take a rocket scientist to see that the corrupt court was criminally bent on keeping me from my daughter. At all costs they had to feign the integrity of Judge Hiram Carpenter and manufacture credibility for the witch doctors who were messing up my daughterís head. Having five years experience with the family court system I discovered that every counselor and psychologist in the telephone directory had feeder roots attached to the Blair County Court system. Finding an unbiased counselor willing to go against the court system and undo the damage that it has caused my daughter would have been futile. How would playing the courtís sick game one more round put the genie back in the bottle? The damage was already done, it was undoable, and Judge Hiram Carpenter and his cohort miscreants got off scott free for their crimes against humanity.

Because hind sight is 20 /20 I know now I should have left sleeping dogs lie, but on September 6, 2002 , I received a telephone call from Attorney Zanoniís office notifying me that he would like to meet with me to return the remaining money from my $2,700.00 retainer for appeal and I could retrieve the case file that I supplied him.

On September 13, 2002, I met with Attorney Zanoni. To break the ice, as if he really cared or didnít know, he started right off inquiring how I made out in the July 29, 2002, hearing. After giving Attorney Zanoni the details of the hearing and the essence of Judge Henryís custody order he offered to supply me several names of supposedly reputable counselors. For reasons that I still donít understand Attorney Zanoni began selling the benefits of Judge Henryís custody order. Attorney Zanoni said this will be the first time since this case started that I could obtain a counselor independent of my ex wifeís influence, and who will be able to listen to me and my daughterís side of the story.

A question I have been asked many times by different people, is why did I rehire Attorney Zanoni? What people donít understand is that after the July 29, hearing I was numb with grief and in a lethargic state of shock. This is called Judicial Abuse Syndrome. I remember sitting on the cement porch floor of Attorney Zanoniís office with tears running down my face, shaking my head in disbelief, and talking incoherently with slurred speech. Who wouldnít? Every second of every day was filled with thoughts of what kind of people these are who could deliberately hurt my daughter with unabated impunity.

Being in attendance of the conference and having firsthand knowledge that Dr. Bennett misrepresented the facts in his letter to separate me from my daughter, Ms. Aigner pushed forward with her efforts to defraud me of my rights and cause my daughter further psychological damage. (see William Henry impeachment petition.

Finding myself on a sinking ship with Attorney Zanoni I faxed him a letter dated April 25,2002 asking him to explain his progressive and methodical redirection from the promised joint custody agreement he offered as a substitute for dropping my appeal, and digressing to begging for an every other weekend visit at best. He responded by a letter dated April 26, 2002 that didnít remotely reflect the custody agreement that he promised in his May 10th, and August 23, 2001, letters that were obviously a tool designed to defraud me out of my appeal before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. On April 29, 2002, I met with Attorney Zanoni. Not at all satisfied with his new image and redirection of my case I asked that he no longer represent me .

What was so unusual about the petition was that Ms. Aigner used a March 19, 2002, letter from Dr. Richard Bennett (from the Home Nursing Agencies, Partial Hospital Program) alleging that my desire to continue the supervised visits with my daughter caused her to emotionally regress. The ironic part about the petition was that there was no way Dr. Bennett could have seen any emotional regression of my daughter on March 19, 2002, since only requested the supervised visits resume on the afternoon of March 19, 2002.

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On March 19, 2002, I had a custody conference and through the advice of Attorney Zanoni I expressed my desire to continue the supervised visits with my daughter hoping that I could see her for the Easter Holiday and until a custody hearing was scheduled. This request triggered Paula Aignerís most egregious attack against me when she filed an April 19, 2002, Petition for Special relief to suspend any further supervised visits with my daughter.

With the Superior Court appeal destroyed I was fair game to the court vipers. By way of Attorney Zanoniís lies and manipulating my emotions I was brought back to the lions den where I was totally at the mercy of the Blair County Court system that fixed the record, destroyed my daughter psychologically, and removed me from her life forever through judicial fraud and fiat. What had started out dropping the appeal in exchange for restoring my original joint custody schedule, I was now being scheduled for additional custody hearings hoping to gain the slightest chance to be with my daughter for an hour or two here and there.

Now that my appeal was wasted away and if I ever wanted to see my daughter again I had no other legal recourse but to litigate within the Blair County Court system. Next up was Paula Aignerís turn to finalize the judicial fraud that was set into play by Attorney Zanoni. Vigorously taking the offensive Ms. Aigner laid a gauntlet of judicial obstacles to overcome. Contrary to Attorney Zanoniís delusions and misrepresentations that no hearings would be necessary the next nine months was a costly and emotionally draining roller coaster ride of petitions being filed by both attorneys, meaningless custody conferences, and delays in hearing schedules. All done with the purpose of widening the gap of having no contact with my daughter and to get her adjusted to not seeing me or the paternal family. The ultimate objective was to beat me down so emotionally and financially that I would abandon my efforts to gain custody of my daughter and walk away without further court involvement.

During her blitz of hostilities Paula Aigner went for the quick kill and filed a petition on March 19, 2002, to have the court order a psychiatric evaluation of me. Ms. Aigner knew I hated the practitioners of the mental industry for destroying my daughter and she gambled that I would just refuse to be evaluated and that would put and end to the entire matter. However, Judge Carpenter wasnít going to take that chance. If I would have petitioned to have a psychiatric evaluation of my ex wife and she was found mentally unfit, I would have gained primary custody of my daughter. So Judge Hiram Carpenter took the safe route and usurped and circumvented the petition away from Judge William Henry who had little knowledge of my case and immediately dismissed it.