Still seeking justice for my daughter in the year 2007, I have sent follow up letters to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Blair County district attorney, Richard Consiglio, and the House Judiciary Committee.

* Federal Bureau of Investigation: December 28, 2006, letter sent as a follow up to my January 5, 2006, letter asking for an FBI investigation of Judge Hiram Carpenter and the Blair County Court. No response to either letter.

* Blair County District Attorney, Richard Consiglio: December 27, 2006, letter sent as a follow up to my complaint letter of August 13, 2006, asking for a Blair County investigation of Judge Hiram Carpenter and Ms. Lou Ann Frederick. No response to either letter.

* The House Judiciary Committee: Second Notice Of Impeachment letter and attached impeachment petitions have been sent to the Chief Clerk of the House requesting them to be placed on the house calendar for the 2007 legislative session.

Through December 24th and 30th 2006, Mr. Ben Vonderheide of attempted to contact Stephanie Kearns at her residence. Mr. Vonderheide was looking for a child victim’s perspective of the Blair County Family Court System to include in his Pennsylvania family court documentary that he is currently filming in Lancaster, Pa.. In advance I advised Mr.Vonderheide that he will never be able to make direct contact with Stephanie due to the mother’s persistance and resistance not to allow her any outside contact or communications that could be associated with her father or member of the paternal family. I further suggested that Stephanie would not be allowed to answer the telephone if she was at home by herself.

On December 24, Mr. Vonderheide telephoned Stephanie’s residence. I was told that Stephanie’s mother (Lou Ann Frederick) answered the telephone, in which Mr. Vonderheide immediately asked if he could speak with Stephanie. Without hesitation Ms. Frederick said he could but she would have to check to see if Stephanie was awake. A few minutes later Ms. Frederick returned to the telephone and asked who she was speaking to. Mr. Vonderheide responded that he was from and would like to speak with Stephanie concerning her father. He suggested that her father would really like to hear from her over the Christmas holiday. Without notice Ms. Frederick slammed the telephone down on Mr. Vonderheide. A second attempt to immediately reach Ms. Frederick’s number resulted in her not answering the telephone.

On December 30th, Mr. Vonderheide tried a third time to make contact with Stephanie. This time Ms. Frederick answered the telephone and asked Mr. Vonderheide exactly who he is and what did he want. Mr. Vonderheide explained that he was filming a documentary about fathers losing their children through the family courts and he would like to speak with Stephanie concerning this issue. Ms. Frederick then went into a meltdown mode and told Mr. Vonderheide that Stephanie does not wish to speak with him or her father. Mr. Vonderheide asked Ms. Frederick if she would be willing to go on film and answer some questions. Ms. Frederick flew off the handle and asked Mr. Vonderheide for his full name and mailing address. Ms. Frederick proceeded to warn Mr. Vonderheide that she would be sending him a certified letter directly following the call and any attempts he should make to film at her residence would be considered defiant trespass and he would be promptly arrested.

Where is Stephanie now?

* See the Chief Clerk of the House response letter of February 21, 2007, concerning the Second Notice of Impeachment and the Impeachment Petitions..

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* May 12, 2007, letter of Impeachment Inquiry sent to the House Judiciary Committee -- Chairman, Thomas R. Caltagirone and every member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

* A Conspiracy Of Silence, As of June 1, 2007, no member of the House Judiciary Committee or any member of the House of Representatives has responded to my May 12, 2007, letter of Impeachment Inquiry. Judicial crime and corruption is of no interest to those we voted into power.

What appears to be an incident of divine intervention was when my dad, brother, and I went for a drive in my 59 Ford on Father’s Day, June 17, 2007. The 59 is a special car that I promised to give my daughter Stephanie someday. When I came to a stop at an intersection on Pleasant Valley Boulevard, I heard someone yell from across the road “Hi dad”. Because I didn’t look up to see who hollered, the only car that was sitting at the opposite stop light honked at me. When I looked over to see who was honking I realized that it was my daughter who had hollered from the rear passenger seat of the car. So, even though I only got a glimpse of my daughter after seven years since her court kidnapping, for me it was an unexpected, but pleasant father’s day surprise.

A Father’s Day Surprise


* OCTOBER 4, 2007, sent to Attorney General Tom Corbett. The letter raises two issues. The first is concerning District Attorney Richard Consiglio’s qualifications and unwillingness to investigate Judge Hiram Carpenter and his minions. The second is requesting Mr. Corbett to drop the jurisdiction ploy and initiate a state investigation of the Blair County Court system.