On May 7, 2002, I was ordered by Judge Hiram Carpenter to pay my ex -wife child support for a daughter that he had judicially kidnapped by fraud, abused psychologically and physiclly with mind altering drugs, and then criminally prevented me from ever seeing her again. For five years I had paid the amount of support ordered by the court on a timely monthly basis and being careful to never fall into arrears.

Since my daughter (Stephanie) had already turned eighteen years of age in July 2005, and should have graduated high school in June 2006, I filed for termination of the child support order. At the Domestic Relations hearing my daughter’s mother argued that my daughter would “not” graduate that year for various hearsay reasons. During that hearing she bargained with the hearing officer that she would provide the court documentary proof within two weeks following the hearing that Stephanie would not graduate high school, would not receive a diploma, and had already voluntarily enrolled herself into another year of high school. She further argued that the child support order of May 7 , 2002, should remain in effect for at least another year and possibly for the remainder of Stephanie’s life. Without a shred of physical evidence to substantiate my ex wife’s contentions, the hearing officer and subsequently Judge Daniel Milliron signed an order extending Judge Hiram Carpenter’s child support order of 2002, for an additional year. As a matter of procedure with the Blair Count Court I realized that the fix was in, again. Given a six of one and half a dozen of the other analogy, my options were limited. It was either hire yet another attorney to fight the court order at astronomical costs to gain virtually no justice at all from a court that had already literally destroyed my daughter, and criminally defrauded me of all my legal rights...or pay the extorted child support for the additional year. Because the criminals are still running the Blair County Court system I chose to pay the child support into my daughter’s early twenties and a year beyond her anticipated high school graduation. (Note: for the record my ex wife had lied and Judge Daniel Milliron suborned her perjury. Contrary to what my ex wife told the court, my daughter did graduate high school in June 2006, and received her diploma with the rest of her class during the 2006 commencement ceremonies.) In essence Judge Hiram Carpenter’s judicial fraud that began on July 14, 2000, was being exacerbated and kept in full force and effect by a court that has been held above the law by the FBI and the State Attorney General’s Office.

Being careful not to give the Blair County Court further reason to adjudicate any facet of my case or bring me before their star chambered proceedings, I maintained the full and timely child support payments of judges Carpenter and Millirons support orders as not to incur any penalties or arrearages

It was nearly one full year that I paid the continued child support pursuant to Judge Milliron’s order without incident. It wasn’t until March 2007, that I opened up my PA State Collection and Disbursement Unit, child support coupons and found that the child support payment amount had mysteriously (no hearings) increased nearly thirty percent. Thinking this was an accounting error I submitted the child support payment for April in the amount that I normally paid pursuant to the court orders. The following month my PASCDU coupon still contained the thirty percent increase, plus, accumulated arrearages for two months. Still thinking this was a clerical/accounting error that would pass, I again submitted the usual court ordered amount of child support. When I received my next PASCDU child support coupon I found that the coupons still reflect a thirty percent increase in child support, plus arrearages, whereby shaking me back to reality that another Blair County Court fraud scheme to inflict further financial hardship and emotional distress to me and my family is underway. Stay tuned....it can only get worse!

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