* By a scathing letter dated January 6, 2008, I resubmitted the impeachment petitions against Judge Hiram Carpenter of Blair County and Judge William Henry of Jefferson County to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the seventh consecutive year .

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* Response letter dated January 10, 2008, from Roger Nick indicating that the Impeachment Petitions will be forwarded to the House Judiciary Committee.

* To this date of March 7, 2008, this complainant received no response from Attorney General Tom Corbett concerning the criminal complaint filed October 7, 2007, against Blair Judge, Hiram Carpenter. It seems Mr. Corbett hides the crimes that the media is willing to hide and pretends to seek out crime and corruption when it is politically motivated. Contrary to Mr. Corbett’s chest thumping, anyone who reads this website can clearly see there are many people in Pennsylvania who are held above the law.

“State legislators are responsible for protecting the public trust and ensuring that they uphold the law and abide by it,” said Attorney General Tom Corbett, whose public corruption unit is prosecuting the case. “Nobody is above the law in Pennsylvania, and that includes our elected officials.” -- Tom Corbett

By e-mail dated March 24, 2008, I sent an email letter to Representative Thomas Caltagirone (Chairman of the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee). The message was concerning the Impeachment Petitions filed against judges Hiram Carpenter and William Henry. The petitions were filed against these corrupt judges for their outrageous ”criminal” conduct in the Blair County Family Court system. The most egregious of those crimes was altering the hearing transcripts to re-invent the witnesses testimony. How predictable, but the first reply email from Mr. Caltagirone’s staff attorney (David McGlaughlin) indicated that our three branches of state government has no constitutional system of checks and balances. Compare this to a letter written by the former House Judiciary Committee chairman Thomas Gannon in 2002.

It is proven that criminals working within the sanctity of government are shielded and held “above the law.” Being amused by Mr. McGlaughlin’s illogical assertions and contempt for the Pennsylvania Constitution I requested that he explain to me exactly what actions I had taken to have these two corrupt judges brought to justice. His second reply email was even more rediculous than his first.

Concerning the petition fraud investigation of former state Representative Linda Bebko Jones

Unable to get the state law enforcement to investigate Judge Hiram Carpenter for his crimes against me and my daughter I decided to recycle Mr. David McGlaughlin’s e-mail suggestion that my only recourse for redress of these crimes would be a federal investigation. Accordingly I sent the United States Justice Department a third letter in eight years dated July 6, 2008, requesting a federal investigation as per the professional opinion of Mr. David McGlaughlin, Esq.