Below is a photo of a protest against Dr. Nancy D. Baker the once psychologist sweet heart of the Blair County Court system. In no uncertain terms this crazy woman who pretends to be a mental health practitioner is a bona-fide sick-o. Multiple complaints have been filed by private citizens and attorneys against this lunatic over the years and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs refuse to remove this witch doctors license. It certainly makes a person wonder who is paying off who in Harrisburg. During the time of this protest Dr. Baker had expanded her services at her Broad Avenue office by aligning herself with Dr. Richard Hill, a psychiatrist whom she moved into her office building with the sole intent of becoming a shill for the Meadows Psychiatric Center. Every child that Dr. Baker evaluated became a potential victim for Dr. Hill who would then recommend the child be given psychiatric drugs and/or ultimately be admitted into the Meadows mental hospital for treatment. In retrospect it mattered not to Baker and Hill what caused the childís behavioral problem as it was always more profitable to diagnose these kids with a mental disorder.

Because of the protest and numerous complaints from local attorneys Dr. Baker was soon after barred from giving any further mental health evaluations or giving any testimony for the Blair County Court system. However, Dr. Bakerís unethical, outlandish, and gender biased evaluations were simply substituted with those of Lynn Kagarise who is now the psychologist darling for Blair County Children and Youth Services. For the record, just before Dr. Bakerís banishment from the court Dr. Hill pulled up stakes and vacated Bakerís office to escape the inevitable lawsuits and then ran to California to practice psychiatry. (note) In January 2009, I heard Mr. Kagarise quit his position with Blair County Children and Youth Services.