Robert G. Kearns, Jr.
RR#3 Box 254A1
Hollidaysburg, Pa 16648

January 5, 2009

Dear Roger Nick:

Please find enclosed two resubmitted Petitions for Impeachment against Judge Hiram Carpenter of Blair County, Pa. and Judge William Henry of Jefferson County, Pa. It now has been eight years since my initial filing of these petitions and literally nothing has been done to address the crimes of these two rogue judges. I adamantly believe it would be in the best interest of the public that these matters be addressed in the 2009 legislative session. Once again, I would very much appreciate your professional attention and diligence in bringing this matter before the House of Representatives and the House Judiciary Committee.

In retrospect, for the last several years I was naïve about the legislature’s intentions concerning my petitions. This year I am fully alert and aware as to what is happening here. These petitions are consistently and deliberately buried at the bottom of the legislative list of things-to-do for two reasons only. (1) Government officials know the allegations are irrefutably true, and (2) a thoroughly corrupt legislature infiltrated with thoroughly corrupt lawyers is protecting thoroughly corrupt judges in the judiciary, vice-versa. The question is, which are the worst criminals, the actual perpetrators of a crime or the public officers who provide a “safe harbor” for those criminals? Further, I am neither convinced or satisfied with Mr. David M. McLaughlin’s (yes a lawyer) e-mail indented below which attempts to trivialize, nullify, and explain away the legislatures’ duties and responsibilities prescribed under Article VI of the Constitution of Pennsylvania. These constitutionally sanctioned and valid impeachment petitions along with the many other forerunners that were filed and subsequently ignored over the years outline a pattern of outrageous criminal conduct within a “Pennsylvania court” and contain sufficient prima facie evidence to justify immediate and appropriate investigations by the House Judiciary Committee and other suitable state and federal law enforcement agencies.
Dear Mr. Kearns,

I have been asked to reply to your recent email to Rep. Caltagirone, and to inform you
there will be no meeting with him for the following reason. In consideration of the
separation of powers, Rep. Caltagirone could not ethically, or politically do anything in
this matter nor could he inject the prestige of his office into it in any fashion. This is a
dispute between you and selected members of the bench in your home county. Absent
federal investigatory involvement, the only course open to you is the one you are taking.

I regret we can be of no service to you in this instance. But, Rep. Caltagirone could not
possibly become entwined in a personal dispute between you and sitting judges in your
county, even one that rises, in your view, to the level of impeachable actions on the part
of those judges.
Cordially and respectfully,
David M. McGlaughlin-Attorney & Sr. Analyst
To Rep. Thomas Caltagirone

I am sorry that I have to persistently annoy you folks with this very important issue. To me, restoring my daughter Stephanie’s civil liberties, constitutional rights, safety, and health are paramount to preserving the ineptitude of government officials who wish to protect personified images of public servants by covering up for those who willfully chose to violate the law and criminally abused her. Is expecting a corrupt free government with a high standard of accountability just too much to ask for these days? Since my position seems to fluster you folks, I apologize for my dogmatic ethical standards, moral values, thinking a little old fashioned and believing that the good guys should always win. It will always be my contention that cover ups by any branch of government only serve to breed and encourage more crime and unethical conduct by public officials; and undermine the public’s confidence in their government. This is self evident through the ongoing bonus-gate investigation and the other underhanded back door dealings perpetrated in the Pennsylvania House of ill-repute. This imbedded good-ole-boy culture of corruption in Harrisburg smacks of the 1880’s William “Boss” Tweed ring, the 1930’s Chicago crime families, and the latest Governor Blagojevich Illinois senate seat scandal. From where I am standing it is getting awful hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys. Wake up folks, because of your passiveness and cowardliness our society as we once knew it is rapidly deteriorating beyond human repair, and is quickly ushering in a tyrannical totalitarian government. If you think this isn’t happening just read your Bibles.

Thanks for your time and please pass this letter on to Mr. Thomas Caltagrione.

Very disappointed,
Robert G. Kearns, Jr.
Stephanie’s dad

Cc: Rep. Jerry Stern
Rep. Rick Geist
Senator John Eichelberger
Philadelphia Inquirer

Letter to Pennsylvania’s legislative criminals who provide

safe haven and free passage for the judiciary criminals!

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