The Irreparable Damage

Below are photographs of my daughter Stephanie. In chronological order they illustrate the Blair County court’s inhumane physical and psychological destruction of her through bogus mental health diagnosis and medical abuse. From the very beginning of my custody case it was reported in every evaluation or interview done for the court, that it was always Stephanie’s desire to live with her father and paternal family. In Stephanie’s own testimony before a custody master in October 1997, and Judge Hiram Carpenter, on May 16, 2000, Stephanie expressed her wishes to return home to live with her father. However, custody master Richard Consiglio, Esq., and Judge Hiram Carpenter preferred to chemically restrain her to induce compliance with the court’s own agenda and force her to live with her mother who reported to several evaluators that she had no emotional attachment to Stephanie. To fabricate a situation and environment that was favorable to the perpetrators of the systematic child abuse and ensuing cover ups, Judge Hiram Carpenter through his court reporters criminally altered the court record. See my story and Judge Carpenter Impeachment Petition

Meadows Psychiatric Center

Ilissa Zimmerman, Esq.
testimony on September, 22, 1997

Stephanie’s Testimony

Stephanie gave me this note at the August 9, 2001, Supervised visit which was supposed to be my last visit before being reinstated joint custody of Stephanie as was promised by Attorney Zanoni. Look at the printing of this 14 year old girl. Prior to entering the Blair County Family Court system Stephanie had beautiful handwriting and was an aspiring artist. The writing below developed after Judge Hiram Carpenter through fraud decided to remove me and the entire paternal family from Stephanie’s life so she could reach her full potential in life.

Stephanie in preschool

Stephanie in third grade (1996) just three months before becoming the next child victim of the Blair County family court.

Stephanie in sixth grade (2000).
Three years after Judge Jolene
Kopriva ordered her to be drugged
while acting on the biases and whims of Dr. Nancy Baker.

Stephanie in kindergarten

Stephanie in twelfth grade
(2006) According to her
mother Stephanie didn’t
graduate this year.
( see court order. )

No thanks to Judge Carpenter who helped Stephanie
find her full potential
in life? ( see complaint to District Attorney Richard Consiglio )

Home Page

Stephanie in fourth grade (1997)
just eleven months after Judge
Jolene Kopriva ordered her to be
drugged as the alternative to being
sent home to her father.

David Wriston, ACSW, LSW
Family & Children’s Service

Dr. Nancy D. Baker, psychologist
testimony on June, 23, 1997

1, 2,

October 10, 1997 testimony 1, 2, 3, 4,

See the reports

May 16, 2000 testimony 1, 2,

Stephanie is being held a prisoner in a condition of Bedlam and false imprisonment in her own residence. Against her wishes she has been isolated from the entire paternal family for six years. She has been deprived of any telephone contact or written communications with her father and family. The mother had installed call blocking and call gate services on her telephone system to shut Stephanie off from making or receiving any outside world contacts that are not pre-approved. Stephanie’s classmates reveal that she is not allowed to travel beyond the immediate vicinity of her residence without her mother or a member of the maternal family escorting her. She is not allowed to have no more than one friend in her life which is kept under close and constant monitoring by her mother. Stephanie has been forbidden to acquire a drivers license simply because she has told her mother that she will visit her father and family when she turns eighteen. All this endless cruelty, hurt, suffering, and destruction of human life because a malicious and vindictive judge (whose crimes have been enabled and shielded by the legal system) deprived Stephanie for no legitimate reason all contact with the paternal family that she loved and was raised with.

Seven years of Imprisonment

Complete transcript

Complete transcript