Photograph of the Blair County Courthouse located in the quaint little town of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. The city is designated a national historic site. The main town has been restored to appear as it did some 200 years ago, with the streets still displaying the hitching posts where horses and buggies were tied.

The original courthouse in the foreground was built in the late 1800’s by the Freemasons. The old courthouse structure in the photograph is of Gothic architecture and includes sculptured Gremlins standing guard on the ledges of the upper walls of the courthouse. Many Christian observers and Bible scholars readily point out that the Gremlins invite the demons into the building and guard the evil that wraps itself in the veil of judicial process. On a closing note I and my daughter are victims of monstrous judicial corruption and the evil workings of the Blair County Court system that I have dubbed tyrannical_injustice.

The Nightmare Begins

Seeking Justice

This sign was constructed on the property of Robert Kearns on October 24, 2008, after numerous attempts were made to seek justice from state, federal, and county law enforcement agencies. State and federal legislators mostly absolve their moral and legal responsibilities by hiding behind the universal shield of separation of powers.

The Set Up, the story ends

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My Story Of Injustice

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April 16, 2004, Robert Kearns and family protesting the criminal conduct of Judge Hiram Carpenter , Children and Youth Services, and the family court system.

The Criminals

The Conspirators

See the sneaky real life Judge Hiram Carpenter during a June 8, 2004, interview for On Second Thought Television.

for 2007

This 8’ x 12’ billboard type sign was constructed on
the property of Robert Kearns on October 1, 2007,
with hopes that the FBI or the Blair County district
attorney, Richard CON-siglio can be shamed into doing a comprehensive investigation of Judge Hiram Carpenter and Ms. Lou Ann Frederick.

Updated on May 25, 2009

Where is Stephanie now?

Judge Hiram Carpenter’s order from Hell

The Irreparable Damage



Way to go Blair County! Thanks for retaining Judge Jolene Kopriva. Now we will have more judicially abused Children, (see the Dr. Nancy Baker connection) and ten more years of rampant public “CORRUPTION.”

A Family Court expose’

By Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D
December 18, 2007

Mass incarcerations without trial or charge; forced confessions; children forcibly separated from their parents with no reasons given; doctored hearing transcripts and falsified court records; evidence fabricated against the innocent; government agents entering the homes, examining private papers and personal effects, and seizing the property of citizens who are under no suspicion of legal wrongdoing; special courts created specifically to convict people who cannot be convicted in ordinary courts; children instructed to hate their parents by state functionaries:

Is all this the Soviet Union in the 1930s or Communist China in the 1960s? Is this some novelist’s prognosticated dystopia?

No, all this and more is routine in the United States today.

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See the latest updates in my case and the ensuing Government cover ups for 2008, and “2009”. See the July 6, 2008. See the DOJ’s, March 11, 2009 response??



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The child you help save from these monsters could be your own!

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Donald Speice’s --- Memorandum Of Law

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